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      Learn more about Ramat-HaNegev

      RaPhoto by Shira Avrahimi - Retamim.jpgmat HaNegev Regional Council is the rural, regional municipality located in the Negev Highlands starting roughly 20 minutes south of Beersheva, spread out across 22% of Israel’s geographical area. Our 8000 + residents live in 15 varied communities,24 family farms, a National At-Risk Youth project, and a National Drug Rehabilitation project. We take pride in our advanced desert agriculture, innovative educational initiatives, world-renowned water research, solar energy farms, and endless outdoor activities. Ramat HaNegev Regional Council operates in the spirit of David Ben-Gurion’s vision and of Israel’s national missions to populating, developing, and preserving the Negev.

      Ramat HaNegev is a mosaic of Israeli society. Our beautiful residents are true pioneers. Together, we live in varied communities such as kibbutzim, moshavim, secular villages, religious villages, one air force base, two nonprofit social initiatives, and 24 family farms. We strive to create an open and pluralistic atmosphere for our residents and work to create an incredible community.   Read more about us…

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